Duke Forest

The Duke Forest Neighborhood

Before 1930, rural farmsteads were scattered along what’s now known as Duke Forest. Being one of the last neighborhoods developed prior to 1940, many consider its circumstances unusual. Its homes, while order, feature impeccable design that is both fashion and functional. Duke Forest is also unique in that its homes are deeply nested in natural foliage that is mature – making it what many locals consider to be one of the most beautiful streets in Durham.

During the 1920s, Trinity College purchased the area now known as Duke Forest with the intentions to expand Duke University in the future. In 1929, in an effort to attract new professors to the University, Duke utilized the area by allocating space for a neighborhood for these prospective staff members to be enticed by. Because of the depressed economy, Duke University began selling lots on the 100 block of Pinecrest Road to prospective faculty members at below cost.

The average sale price of Duke Forest homes is $318,000; although, prices range from $200,000 to $800,000.

By the time 1931 arrived, five homes had been constructed on the road. They were of revival style and great detail – setting the standard for future homes across the street. Homes continued to fill in the road into the 1930s, carrying the same amount of detail and fashion – seemingly lifted straight off the pages of popular House and Garden magazines of yesteryear. Even homes built today on Pinecrest, a rarity, seem to echo the powerful, bold designs of those original five homes.

While many of the residents today carry no affiliation to the university, most Pinecrest residents are members of the Duke University community.

The average sale price of Duke Forest homes is $318,000; although, prices range from $200,000 to $800,000. Most homes now are sold with the latest energy efficient codes and appliances but some are sold as they were initially built.

The surrounding land of Duke Forest, owned by Duke University, is still considered private land. Luckily, the university allows hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding throughout the forest. Of course, Duke University is also in walking distance as is Research Triangle Park.

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